Local Businesses Interview

Local Businesses Interview

Interview with Kurbside Sweets

Kurbside Sweets is a local ice cream truck that has been around for few years. They’re known for their decadent, high quality cold sweets like ice cream sandwiches on the home made cookies and plenty of delicious flavored ice cream.

If you want to try something new but don’t know where to start or just need some suggestions on what flavors would go great together then head over Kurbside Sweets TODAY.

Facts: Kurbside Sweets was established by Alan , well known man in Lubbock, who had always enjoyed sharing food experiences with each other so Alan and his family decided it’d be fun if someone could create an establishment dedicated exclusively towards promoting this idea.

We are sure everyone knows about Kurbside Sweets–the popular sweet shop located in our beautiful town of Lubbock; however we wanted our audience members who live outside this area as well (or people traveling through) and whoever that haven’t tried this amazing experience to give them a shot.

WE PROMISE, You Wont Regret It.

Follow their Facebook page to see where they at today.

Learn About Building Process

Edge Homes is one of the most prestigious and reputable builders in Lubbock. The company has been around for many years, so they know what it takes to get your dream home built!

In this interview with Edge homes we learn about how their process works from start-to finish including getting an estimate all along every step until you’re ready put up curtains on.You will find out what it takes and which steps you need in order for your dream house become reality!

The CEO at Edge Homes is Roger Billingsley .

Before Edge Homes, Roger mowed lawns from the back of his truck. As he successfully built one of the largest landscaping companies in Lubbock, he fostered the relationships that led to the creation of Edge Homes. Now he focuses on building the kind of time-honored home designs that will hold their value and appeal.

With Edge Homes, Roger brought affordable custom homes to the Panhandle, making it possible for everyone to build a house to their unique specifications. Even after building more than 1,000 beautiful homes and commercial buildings.

Cancun Mexican Restaurant

Can’t go wrong with the delicious food, friendly service and beautiful location. This one is a local’s favorite. The food here tastes like it came right off the street and into your stomach, with prices to match!

You’ll be hard pressed finding better service or an atmosphere more welcoming than Cancun–and don’t forget about how great these guys make sure you feel after eating their delicious meals: they’re always happy when people leave satisfied rather than angry because no one wants THAT for themselves 😉

This is a must-stop for anyone looking to enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine!

Cancun Restaurant first opened its doors as one of those great little restaurants that serve up big portions at reasonable prices – you know?

With tons of flavor from scratch spices prepared daily using only fresh ingredients–this place has something everyone will love including those who prefer more Americanized dishes or even if your visit consists entirely off margaritas (I hear they’re excellent).

You better believe we’ll be back soon.

Lubbock Animal Shelter

The Lubbock Animal Shelter is one of the most compassionate organizations in our community. We had a chance to learn about what great mission they have and how much it helps us as well. The people at this shelter care deeply when someone brings their pets into adoptable condition or just wants advice on whether adopting would be a good option for them.

It’s definitely something worth supporting with your time/money.

these folks truly make miracles happen every single day by looking after all those furry friends who need help finding new homes.

The Lubbock Animal Shelter is a shining example of what it means to be in this community. When we had the opportunity to learn more about their organization, they opened up like never before with stories that will leave you wanting nothing less than volunteers or donations!

We learned just how much these folks care for animals by getting an inside look at all aspects involved-from caring animal control officers who work tirelessly day after long without any rest; friendly staff members who ensure everyone’s needs are met such as food & water bowls being filled.