Find New Construction Homes In Lubbock’s Escondido Ranch Neighborhood

Find New Construction Homes In Lubbock’s Escondido Ranch Neighborhood

Are you thinking of buying a new construction home here in Lubbock, Texas for an affordable price? In this episode of Expanding Lubbock, I’m going to show you around Escondido Ranch, a great development where you can build a house for as low as $250,000. We’ll explore everything from floorplans to nearby amenities so you can decide if Escondido Ranch is right for you.

Welcome To Escondido Ranch

Escondido Ranch is one of the only places in Lubbock where you can still build houses for between $250,000 and $650,000—and still be in a great location. If you’ve been looking for houses here in Lubbock, you probably realize that right now is a very challenging time for a lot of buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for. This is because there are tons of buyers out there and not enough houses for sale.

These days, tons of savvy buyers and investors are looking at new construction homes just like this neighborhood to find exactly what they looking for without competing with other buyers. This area has two different areas: Escondido Ranch and Escondido Crossing.

Escondido Crossing is going to feature house prices ranging from about $250,000 up to $300,000. In Escondido Ranch, you’re going to see houses starting in the high $300,000s and low $400,000s and up. I’m going to show you around to give you an idea of exactly what you can expect from this area, what your money can get you, and what this neighborhood has to offer you and your family.

Location And Builders

Escondido is located about half a mile west of 50th and Upland. It’s close to the shopping center, restaurants, and highways like the Marsha Sharp Freeway—which can take you from this side of town to the other side of town in about 10 to 15 minutes.

One of the main questions I get from homebuyers who want to build is, ‘Why do I need a realtor for this?’ Here’s the deal: there are over 15 registered builders here in the Escondido subdivision building homes. They all have different styles, different price ranges, and different floorplans. This means choosing the right builder is probably going to be the most important thing for any homebuyers who are trying to build a home.

Additionally, you’re going to deal with the builder for about six months from beginning to end. You want to choose the right person, not necessarily just for their style of the homes, but for their prices. You also want someone that can actually understand you and who you click with. This will allow you to deal with them for six months and also enjoy the process.

One of my main jobs is to sit down with my clients and get to know their personalities and needs. Once I know exactly what they’re looking for, I can refer him to two or three different builders that they can sit down with.

Home Values And Amenities

One of my favorite things about this neighborhood is that it’s a massive subdivision. This means they’re going to build many more houses here in the next two to three years. Home values are also going to go up, at least if nothing dramatic happens in our country. The homes already built here are gorgeous, with building land extending all the way down to Upland for the next phase of new homes.

Another great thing about Escondido Ranch is the amenities that are being planned. There will be two parks and possibly a winery, though the plan is not 100% approved. and they’re not sure about it yet but talking about the winery up here too. There will also be a new elementary, middle, and high school that will be part of the Frenship ISD.

Projected Prices And Roten Homes

Another thing about this neighborhood that’s appealing is right across the street, they’re building homes starting at about $1.2 million called The Vineyards. This means your neighbors across the street from the Escondido Ranch area are in homes priced at $1.2 million and up, automatically bringing a lot more attention to the neighborhood because of the diversity of the prices.

Another thing to remember is that the prices we’re discussing now in March of 2022 will go up. If you watch this later on in the year, chances are the homes will be more expensive. Don’t quote me on these, but as of right now, homes in Escondido Crossing start at $260,000 and go up to $650,000 and $700,000.  One of the builders in this development is Roten Homes—which is one of the most well-known builders in Lubbock. They’re building tons of houses here in Escondido Crossing, with prices starting at about $300,000 and up.

Two weeks ago, we bought houses for a client starting from $260,000. Within a couple of weeks, homes in the new phase that just opened up started selling at $300,000. Roten Homes have some great features in their properties. As we looked at a model home, there are upgrades in the house that typically don’t come with a normal house. However, you can always add them to your build, though you’re going to pay for them.

Build Your Escondido Home

I hope you enjoyed learning about everything that the Escondido community has to offer. This is a neighborhood that is growing like crazy these days; the sooner you get to it, the better the prices. The process of this is to come in and talk to the builder, sign the contract if you like their houses, and put a small deposit down.

After that, it usually takes about four to six months to build the houses. By the time the house is finished, you’ll be ready to close. This means that you can technically lock in today’s price, and you’re going to close on it in six months. Chances are, your house value at that time is going to be valued more than what you’re paying for.

If you have any questions about building a house in Escondido or any other subdivision, I would love to speak with you. Feel free to reach out to me, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of Expanding Lubbock. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

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