Getting Top Dollar On Your Home With Our Seller Marketing Plan

Did you know that you need a marketing plan if you want to sell your house for top dollar? In this video, I’m going to show you the marketing plan we use for each of our sellers to make sure they get the most money on their home sale. We’ll look at everything from professional pictures and video to social media and explain why marketing makes all the difference.

Not All Agents Are The Same

Any realtor can put a sign in front of your house and list it on the MLS for sale. However, if you want to sell your house for top dollar, you really need a realtor that has an awesome marketing plan. This will ensure that your house is seen by a lot of buyers.

The truth is that not all real estate agents are the same. When you hire a real estate agent, you need to ask them one question: what are you going to do for me to sell my house for top dollar? Is it more than popping a sign in the yard and listing your house on the MLS?

While everybody knows a real estate agent in this town, there is a difference between an expert real estate agent with a marketing team and marketing strategy or your cousin Joe that just got his real estate license. Additionally, the difference between these two can actually put tons of money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Professional Pictures And Video

A solid marketing plan is essential to selling your home for the most money. The first thing that we do is make sure we have awesome pictures and videos on our listing. We do this by hiring one of the best photographers and videographers in town, specializing in real estate photography.

The reason we do this is that we do tons of research based on the National Association of Realtors survey. They asked buyers what the most important thing for them was when they were searching online. The number one thing for buyers when they’re searching homes online is the picture on the listing.

Put yourself in their shoes. What are you looking for when searching for homes online? Before you read the description or look at anything else on a real estate website, you look at the pictures. If you’re interested in the photos, you then do the rest of the research. Your first showing is not actually in person; rather, it happens when buyers are scrolling through the pictures of your house to see exactly what your home is offering.

Quality Matters

Because your first showing takes place online, it’s so important for your home to have the right pictures and the right representation before they get to the description. Taking the pictures of your home with your cell phone or your realtor’s cell phone is a big no-no. You need professional photography done by somebody that is experienced with real estate photography.

Properties with HD pictures are selling 45% faster and 75% closer to the list price than properties that don’t have those types of pictures. In addition to being of the best quality, the pictures should also show off the main selling features of your house. This includes areas like your bathroom, kitchen, and the view—all things that stir up emotions in your buyers.  

When we are doing the video on the house, we do the opposite. Our strategy is to show off the floorplan and the feeling of the home. It will give buyers an idea of how it would look if they were walking through the house themselves. The pictures and videos will all be done before we go live on the market.

Going Live Online

As you can see, it takes us some time to gather all the information, pictures, and videos of your home. After we gather all this information and marketing material, it’s time to go live online and make sure the buyers see your home. Your home is going to be available to see on websites like Zillow, Trulia, and, the big giant search engines for real estate. If there is any real estate website or search engine out there, your home will be there—even on our competitor websites.

Of course, we’re still going to list your house on the MLS, the system that realtors use to search for properties. This is essential, as the majority of buyers have their own real estate agent looking for homes for them. Your house will be available to see among all the real estate agents in Lubbock.

The key to having your house on the MLS is how you’re positioning your home. For example, the description that you have of your home is very, very important. You’ll want to include the school district and any other information that is going to bring a lot of attention to local real estate agents.

Social Media And Communication

Another thing that we do a little bit differently than the majority of the agents out there is utilizing social media. Our marketing team is truly expert in social media. We get the pictures and information about your house and put it on social media, targeting the right audience of people that are actually going to be interested in buying your home.

This is one of the features that we offer that we’re really good at. We can prove it to you by showing the stats and numbers. We believe in transparency, we believe in communication, and we believe in keeping our clients informed with everything we do with their listings.

Our team will send you an email that shows exactly how many times your home showed last week and what the feedback was from the buyer’s agent that showed your home. This way, you can make an adjustment to your home based on the feedback that you’re getting so you can get your house sold sooner. We’re also going to be able to communicate with you at least once a week to make sure you’re informed about everything that is happening with your listening.

Yard Signs And Open Houses

In addition to all of the marketing we do, we’re going to put a sign in front of your house that shows your house is for sale. The information on that sign is very important. Our sign has a QR code and a phone number that gets routed to our listing and buyer’s agents. If somebody is in front of your house, they can scan that code or dial that number and find somebody waiting for that call. They’ll be able to respond and make sure we’re not losing your buyers.

Of course, another thing we have is an open house for your home. Some sellers are okay with open houses and some sellers don’t want to do open houses. Regardless, we respect your choice and follow your instructions. If you decide that you’re okay with open houses, we’ll do ours a little bit differently than the traditional open house.

We start the marketing for all open houses a week prior to the actual date. This way, we’re driving tons of traffic to our open houses. For example, if you showed up to an open house and you were the only person there, would you be interested in that home? What if you went to an open house and there were tons of cars parked outside and a lot of people looking at it? That’s called FOMO, or the fear of missing out. When people think that there are going to miss out on your house, they’ll be more likely to offer.

We’re Here To Help

I hope this video gave you an idea about how we are selling homes in Lubbock. If you’re thinking about selling your home, I would love to have the opportunity to sit down and talk to you about your property. And if you have any questions about how we market your home for sale, make sure to reach out and I’ll be happy to help.

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